Victoria AKA "Monster" is our newest addition here at OTRP.  She has
a strong resemblance to her grandsire
Jesse James and we have high
hopes that she will turn out just like him.  She possess all the
qualities that we love in the APBT and is making us very proud owners!
Additional Pictures of Victoria
Pictured at 5.5 Months
Pictured @ 9 months
Ferriera's Best Kept Secret
Additional pictures of Victoria
Victoria's Pedigree
Victoria AKA "Monster" is the APBT that everyone dreams of.  She
has the old school classic look and the personality to match.  
Not many these days carry a pedigree like she does, and I am proud
to say that we have the best of both worlds with her, an
unbelievable pedigree and an unbelievable dog! Victoria will be
bred to Jesse James this year and we can not wait!!!!!!
Pictured @ 22 months